Russian brand «PRAVIKA»


“PRAVIKA” is an authentic Russian brand of premium men's and women's shirts with special patterns, embellishments and symbols that have a deep philosophical meaning. Exclusive prints and designer fabrics are created specifically for the brand "PRAVIKA".

The “PRAVIKA” shirt is a symbiosis of ancient culture, art, history with modern fashion trends manifested on fabric. This is a collaboration of times.


Does the clothing make sense, besides the usual for us - functional and image ?! Yes, if it has a message in the form of symbols in patterns and ornaments.



Concept / Idea


We have returned the parameter forgotten by contemporaries to your future shirts.

Our ancestors attached special importance to symbols. And only a hundred years of history separates us from entire eras, where patterns were an integral part of life and an important necessity. Is practical beauty possible? We are sure of a positive answer and want you to be talked about as those who own the Fashionable Artifact!



Trend / Style


Feeling the time, we set our own trend! Modern business shirts of premium quality with a hidden internal print (for formal and business meetings), Casual format (for office, home, informal negotiations, where you can relax and give a hint about your outlook on life), as well as the Experiment format to express yourself loudly and about their life principles.


Elements / Details


Every detail in your future shirts is full of meaning, whether it be red lines in the side seams or a special button from the inside on the placket, patterned braid sewn into the collar and cuffs. After all, these details are a tribute to traditions.


Prints for men


The most natural and harmonious prints for men are geometric. The forward movement, rhythm and strength, can be traced in the ancient patterns that we use to print the fabric. They reflect the basic qualities of masculine nature and naturally look in clothing.


Prints for women


At the moment, research and development of patterns and ornaments based on symbols that will serve as material for printing fabrics for women's shirts is ongoing.


Goal / Mission


Wherever we live, in any country, whatever nation or religion, we are united by the same values of life and the primary ancient culture, which was revealed by common symbols found by archaeologists.

We know that we all will be united - the desire to increase the importance and pride in our generations, the cultural traditions of countries, and languages. We will use the tools of the fashion industry for this.

We are glad to present you “Shirts with an amazing secret”, the result of our deep immersion in the world of symbols.


Let the “PRAVIKA” shirt become your Fashionable Artifact!